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Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’s Tim Roth Talks Being Cut From The Quentin Tarantino Movie

Quentin Tarantino and Tim Roth go back to the beginning of the former’s filmmaking career, with the latter starring in Reservoir Dogs’ ensemble cast. These two later collaborated on Pulp Fiction and The Hateful Eight, although Roth’s scenes in Tarantino’s most recent movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, ended up being removed. Now Roth has shed light on how he he learned he wouldn’t be present in the 2019 feature’s final cut.

For those unaware, Tim Roth was supposed to appear in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood as Raymond, the butler of Emilie Hirsch’s Jay Sebring, Sharon Tate’s ex-boyfriend-turned-close friend. When Uproxx inquired about how he discovered he wouldn’t be present in the movie, Roth responded:

And, so, actually what happened was that he called me to play this character, which was a strand in the film, and then he cut that strand out completely. He cut that whole storyline out because when he put his first cut together, it came in at four and a half hours or five hours long. And he didn’t want to do a part one and two.

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