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These Are Bob Saget’s Best Moments on Full House

Everyone has a show that brings about a great deal of joy and nostalgia. For many, that show is Full House. Following the Tanner family, newly widowed single father Danny (Bob Saget), his three daughters: DJ (Candace Cameron Bure), Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin), and Michelle (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) as they navigate life without their wife and mother. Danny’s brother-in-law Jesse (John Stamos) and close friend Joey (Dave Coulier) become the Tanners’ new roommates and help to raise the girls to the best of their ability. The show was popular enough that it even received a reboot called Fuller House.

Full House is remembered for tackling tough subjects like eating disorders and grief while still maintaining a light-hearted approach, mainly with the careful parenting from Danny Tanner. He is the TV Dad that everyone wanted to be their own dad, with many parents actually taking note of his methods and applying them to real life and that’s all thanks to Bob Saget. With Bob Saget’s recent passing, it’s only appropriate that he be remembered for the happiness he brought to people’s lives as Danny Tanner on Full House. These are Bob Saget’s best moments on Full House.

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7 “We Finished Our Homework.”

Probably one of the most adorable moments of the show is when Danny, Jesse, and Joey are trying to help Danny’s youngest daughter Michelle build new skills, one of which includes blowing bubbles. While the boys get distracted with their bubble play, Michelle wanders off and when she comes back she wittily says, “I sure hope you finished your homework.” To which Danny replies “We finished our homework,” and continues to play with bubbles. This reversal of roles is not only showcasing Michelle’s level of wit and sarcasm but displays Danny’s ability to release his inner child. Michelle’s beloved character returned in Fuller House, but was not played by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

6 Talking About Grief

While Full House was well known as a light-hearted comedy, there were many moments where the show could get very real. For instance, Danny sits down with his brother-in-law Jesse, struck with grief over the loss of his sister, Danny’s wife. Danny helps Jesse work through his feelings rather than just console him with empty words. This moment not only brought out some real talk on the show, but helped the audience recognize and work through any grief they might be feeling at the loss of a loved one. This moment places real emphasis on the importance of reaching out to others who are also suffering so that no one has to be alone with their grief.

5 “There’s a Horse in My Living Room.”


DJ, desperate to have her own horse, buys one in secret and plans to prove that she is responsible enough to keep it before her father finds out. When DJ is unable to make the payment to keep the horse at the Ranch, she brings the horse home with her. Joey and Jesse attempt to cover for DJ, holding Danny at the door and even covering his eyes because they have a surprise for him. While the boys try to rush Danny to the kitchen, he manages to catch a glance of the horse and bluntly says, “There’s a horse in my living room,” before continuing to speak with DJ about the importance of trust and honesty. This comedic moment followed by a heart-to-heart conversation with his daughter is one of the best ways to describe the show as a whole. It’s light-hearted and funny while still acknowledging and working through the tough stuff.

4 Telling Stephanie He Would Always Love Her

After Stephanie crashes her Uncle Jesse’s car into the kitchen, she believes that the relationship between her and her father is entirely ruined because of what she did. Danny gets serious for a moment and explains that while what she did was wrong and while he is disappointed in her, he will always love her no matter what. While Stephanie insists that what she did is unforgivable, Danny explains that the car and the wall can be replaced, but she can’t be. Probably one of the best parenting moments on the show, Bob Saget does an amazing job at portraying the single father who manages to keep his family together. He is part of what made Full House one of the best shows of the 90s.

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3 “You’ve Been Robbed.”

Danny goes on a date with a new woman, Karen, and he eventually is taken back to her apartment for coffee. When the door to the apartment swings open and a giant mess is revealed, he famously says “Call the police, you’ve been robbed!” Neat freak Danny is faced with the reality that the new woman in his life is a complete slob as her apartment is such a mess that he believes it’s been torn to pieces by burglars. When Karen tries to explain the mess by saying she “hasn’t tidied up in a while.” Danny replies with “Since when, the sixties?” With hilarious comments like this, it’s easy to see where Michelle gets her sharp wit from.

2 Trying Out for Uncle Jesse’s Band


Appearing as “Mildew”, Danny’s alter ego, Danny appears and auditions to be in Jesse’s band. While Jesse doesn’t take him seriously at first, after he plays outstandingly well, they are surprised to see him play so well. While Jesse is hesitant to give the job to Danny at first saying he is too “spick and span” while Danny is in the process of wiping down an amp. When competitor Viper arrives with DJ, Danny is desperate to prove himself, and they wind up having a guitar showdown and playing together. It’s refreshing to see Danny in such a different setting doing something we had no clue he was capable of.

1 Helping DJ With Body Image

After being invited to a pool party, DJ puts herself on a dangerous diet in the hopes of gaining a “bikini body”. When Stephanie tells the family about DJ’s new eating habits, Danny sits down with her. He explains that physical appearances don’t matter as much as we believe they do, but what’s in your heart and soul is what matters the most. He tells her “You’ve got such a good heart — you care about people and that’s why people care about you.” Body image is a tricky subject for anyone to handle, but as a single father, he manages to build up DJ’s confidence with just some heartfelt words. It seems Danny always knows the right thing to say.

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