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Alina’s Friend Maria Explains Alina’s Usage Of The N-Word

Before The 90 Days viewers are calling for TLC to fire Alina for her online racial slurs, but her friend Maria spoke about Alina’s usage of the word.

90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days fans are calling for TLC to fire Alina Kozhevnikova after several racist posts she has written over the years were brought to light, but her friend Maria Entaltseva is defending the Russian singer. Maria appeared beside Alina in several scenes so far, as the Russian woman who resides in Turkey questioned Alina’s partner Caleb Greenwood about his intentions with her. Now, Maria is defending Alina and explaining her side of the story to enraged 90 Day Fiancé franchise fans.

Alina and her best friend Elijah were already being called out for pressuring Caleb to be intimate with Alina, and now the duo is being blasted by franchise fans. Viewers uncovered two posts that show Alina using the N-word multiple times after Alina reposted one of the images last week. At first, Alina claimed the caption was photoshopped before she told her followers that she is Russian and didn’t know the term was offensive. However, viewers also revealed two other posts that show Alina making insensitive comments about other groups, including Asian people. Elijah tried to defend Alina in a rambling Instagram post, which backfired and led to viewers blasting Elijah for downplaying Alina’s harmful words.


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While Elijah and Caleb have both defended Alina and said that they have not seen her behaving in a racist manner, Maria also shared a statement about her longtime friend. “I would say that she is maybe only one of my friends who is completely free from racial, religious, physical, material and gender stereotypes! Really, she is having lots of gay friends, lots of friends from other countries, and she is really open minded person,” Maria wrote in an exclusive statement. Maria added that, in her opinion, it is difficult for people who are not Russian to understand Alina’s intent when she used the word.  “When someone from Russia says [the N-word], it has no reference to the days of slavery,” Maria added.

90 Day Fiancé Alina friend Maria

Many 90 Day Fiancé fans are furious with Alina for not addressing the whole situation. After admitting that the caption was not photoshopped and telling her followers that she did not intend to offend anyone, Alina has not addressed the backlash. However, Maria said that Alina is taking her time before giving a comment given the amount of backlash she is currently receiving. Maria said that she was “100% sure” that Alina wasn’t trying to be offensive when she used the word repeatedly in the unearthed posts. As Alina also said, Maria stated that Alina was using the term as a form of “friend” or “buddy” and was removing it from any historical context. However, many franchise fans don’t think that is possible.

As of yet, neither Alina nor any of her friends have addressed her other racially insensitive remarks that viewers are also angry about. Numerous franchise fans have called Alina a hypocrite since she openly fights against ableism but shared a number of offensive remarks about different races and cultures over the years. TLC allegedly parted ways with former Before The 90 Days cast member Lisa Hamme after she used the N-word at a Tell-All. Therefore, many 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days viewers believe it would be fair for TLC to also fire Alina give her numerous posts. However, there is yet to be any word that her run in the franchise has been cut short.

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