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Superman’s Boyfriend Finally Reveals His Superhero Name

DC Comics officially reveals Superman’s boyfriend Jay Nakamura is a superhero with his own special powers – and his own unique superhero name.

Warning: contains spoilers for Superman: Son of Kal-El #7!

DC’s Superman has a new boyfriend, and the company has finally revealed his superhero name. The new Man of Steel – Clark Kent’s son – is quite different from his father, and thus has his own unique cast of supporting characters, both friendly and otherwise. In Superman: Son of Kal-El #7, DC finally reveals Jay Nakamura’s new superhero title.

Superman’s son Jonathan Kent has inherited all the powers of his father, along with his altruism, courage, and capacity for good. When Clark Kent leaves the Earth, he leaves his son in charge of the planet’s defense, and Jonathan officially inherits the Superman title. This new Superman finds himself in the middle of key issues of the modern age, such as climate change, immigration, vast income inequality in America, and more. He’s not alone, however, because Jonathan has found a confidant and eventual relationship partner: Jay Nakamura.


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Like Lois Lane, Nakamura is a brave journalist and unafraid to get himself into trouble. Unlike Lane, Nakamura actually has powers of his own. Superman discovered Jay’s intangibility when he attempted to save him from an explosion caused by a metahuman that destroyed the Kent Farm, only to find his hand going straight through Jay – along with the blast wave and debris from the building. When Superman decides to go after Bendix and his reign, Jay brings Superman to the floating headquarters of his journalism activist group: The Truth.

Superman Jon Kent and Jay Nakamura Cover Art

Superman and Jay wear masks while on the boat, and it’s here that Superman hears another member call Jay “Gossamer.” Every member of The Truth appears to have a similar name, but Gossamer is quite fitting, considering Jay’s powers. The word refers to thin spider webs that can appear to be translucent, but it can also mean something thin, light and/or quite delicate. Under his alias, Gossamer is hardly delicate, as his abilities allow him to phase through any attack – but it’s clear he can manipulate what parts of his body are solid at any given time (otherwise, he would fall right through the floor, not unlike Shadowcat). He also has the power to make his clothes intangible as well, though this might be an unconscious reflex.

For all his many new powers, Superman has never had the ability to make his body intangible. Jay Nakamura is proving to be one of Jonathan’s strongest allies, not to mention a good partner for the man who, unlike his father, doesn’t quite have everything. Superman and Gossamer are partners now, but whether that continues in the future remains to be seen.

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