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David Arquette Sees Spirits in Terrifying Ghosts of the Ozarks Trailer

Scream’s David Arquette follows up the 2022 franchise entry’s huge success with a supernatural horror western titled Ghosts of the Ozarks.

Scream star David Arquette will star in the new horror western Ghosts of the Ozarks. Arquette got his big break as Deputy Dewey Riley in Wes Craven’s original Scream in 1996, but has starred in numerous genre and cult films since his acting debut in the early ’90s. Three of his credits include westerns Wild Bill, Ravenous, and Bone Tomohawk, of which the latter two are cannibal horror films.

IGN reveals that Arquette will encounter the supernatural in his latest horror western, Ghosts of the Ozarks. The movie follows James ‘Doc’ McCune (Thomas Hobson), who arrives in a seemingly perfect town in the Ozarks of post-Civil War Arkansas, only to find himself battling spirits and secretive townsfolk. Arquette’s Douglas asks James, “Did you catch a glimpse on the way in? The ghosts,” as James struggles to determine what is and isn’t real. Check out the full trailer below.


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Arquette is no stranger to independent cinema and horror, in particular, having starred in 1992’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer and appearing in one other project by, the production company behind Ghosts of the Ozarks, titled 12 Hour Shift. Ghosts of the Ozarks seems like a more traditional supernatural horror film than what Arquette is used to, however, and its creepy period setting, geography, and eerie red visuals aim to set it apart.

Matt Glass and Jordan Wayne Long direct the film, a feature adaptation of their 2016 proof of concept short of the same name. Arquette stars alongside Angela Bettis, Phil Morris, Tim Blake Nelson, and frequent collaborator Tara Perry. While it’s already shaping up to be a unique and compelling supernatural thriller, audiences will get to see whether Ghosts of the Ozarks will join the ranks of other great horror westerns when it premieres on Digital and On Demand on February 3.

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Source: IGN

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