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New Batgirl Set Photos Seem to Reveal DCEU’s First Trans Character in Alysia Yeoh

The Batgirl movie has been getting a lot of attention recently, with reveals about Michal Keaton’s inclusion in the film, behind the scenes looks at some of the backgrounds used in the movie hinting at Keaton’s Batman having had a Robin sidekick at some point, and the reveal of Leslie Grace’s full costume. The latest set images to come from the movie have now seemed to give the first look at Ivory Aquino who is said to be playing Alysia Yeoh; the first DCEU trans character.

With most of the details about Batgirl still not officially revealed, there is currently no casting information confirming this casting, and it could yet turn out to be a different character entirely, but Yeoh’s appearance in the Batgirl movie has been rumored for a long time. It was thanks to a similar set of photos that Michael Keaton’s appearance in the film was initially confirmed, as well as several different character references including Hugo Strange, Vickie Vale and Klarion the Witch Boy, so while anything seen in the photos is still in rumor territory, there is a good chance that it will prove to be accurate.


While Batgirl has yet to receive a detailed synopsis, there is a strong indication that the main plot will come from the Batgirl: Year One story of 2003 and this has been supported by details such as Keaton’s Batman being expected to essentially hand over his title as Gotham’s protector to Barbara Gordon, the references made to Anthony Bressi and the inclusion of Brendan Fraser’s Firefly as the villain. With no exact release date currently known for the film, it is likely to be a little while yet before we have more concrete details on the movie from Warner Bros. itself.

Alysia Yeoh Appearing In Batgirl Will Put Some Focus on Transgender Representation In The DCEU.

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via @Batgirlfilm on Twitter

The character of Alysia Yeoh made her comic book debut in 2011 as a roommate of Barbara Gordon. Yeoh went on to feature heavily in the Batgirl series, eventually marrying her girlfriend, Jo Muñoz in Batgirl #45. Rumors of the character appearing in the movie have circulated on the internet for a number of months, but without an official confirmation, there was never anything to prove whether this was true or not. The set photos seem to suggest that the rumors are true, and that will bring a new level of representation to the DCEU.

Ivory Aquino did not make her transgender status well known until she took on the role of Cecilia Chung in 2017’s When We Rise. Both the actress and Chung have been heavily involved in campaigning for transgender rights, and bringing such an actress into the movie will no doubt be a big step for other transgender stars, as well as activists like Aquino who have been prominent figures in standing up for trans actors and actresses in the industry.

As the new images have shown, filming is still continuing on the movie in Scotland and that means that it will likely be much later in the year before we see the final film on screens and discover how it ties to other upcoming movies such as The Flash, which also features Michael Keaton in his Bruce Wayne/Batman role.

Brendan Fraser Is the Villain in HBO Max's Batgirl Movie, Is He Firefly?
Brendan Fraser Is the Villain in HBO Max’s Batgirl Movie, Is He Firefly?

Brendan Fraser has reportedly joined Leslie Grace in the cast of HBO Max’s Batgirl and rumor is he’ll be playing the supervillain Firefly.

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