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Fortnite Leaker Reveals Upcoming Hawkeye Collab Hidden In-Game Files

A reputable leaker has found skins and cosmetics in Fortnite’s game files that points to an upcoming collaboration with Marvel’s Hawkeye.

Fortnite‘s next major Marvel collaboration could be imminent, as a notable leaker has revealed that skins and cosmetics for Hawkeye‘s Clint and Kate are currently hidden in the game’s files and could be revealed in the following weeks. Fortnite has been heavily defined by its crossovers, with some of its notable partnerships including John Wick, Ghostbusters, DC’s Batman and Joker, and an abundance of Marvel characters. With the game’s recently-introduced Chapter 3, Epic Games revealed one of the games’ biggest crossover to date, bringing fan-favorite Marvel superhero Spider-Man to Fortnite along with his web-shooters. Many more characters from different popular media properties have made special appearances in Epic’s battle royale, helping to keep the game profitable with their accompanying virtual accessories, exclusive emotes, and new skins.


Fortnite Chapter 3 was recently released with new additions, mechanics, and a brand-new map with distinctive POIs that can be easily used to utilize many of its newest features and gain XP. Similar to previous seasons, the chapter’s first season includes a collection of new content including characters, cosmetics, and new game mechanics such as sliding, swinging, and a tent system, which can now be used to regenerate health, rest, and store items that can be collected at the start of each game. Its biggest addition however is the return of the Fortnite fan-favorite Tilted Towers. Fans can now explore the city at their own content and re-experience the popular POI after two a half years.

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The Fortnite-dedicated content creator and well-known news account, HYPEX, has once again teased the future of Fortnite with a brand-new leak regarding Chapter 3. Posted on Twitter, HYPEX claims that Fortnite‘s next major Marvel collaboration will be none other than Marvel’s Hawkeye within the next few weeks. To show further proof, the leaker reveals that skins and cosmetics for both Hawkeye‘s Clint and Kate can be found directly hidden in the game’s files. Although the leak has yet to be officially confirmed by Epic Games, the leaker is a long-time reputable source and also shares each cosmetic to give better insight on what players can expect when the announcement is made.

It appears that Hawkeye isn’t the only Marvel character secretly making their way to Fortnite in the upcoming weeks, either. According to another recent leak, the comic-accurate Green Goblin will be coming to Fortnite along with the villain’s numerous cosmetics. While unknown, the Green Goblin and his arsenal could possibly be coming to the title with a special event, as his arch-nemesis Spider-Man was added at the beginning of Chapter 3.

The fact that the Hawkeye skins and cosmetics are in the game’s files could mean that the crossover is imminent. Epic Games has yet to confirm if the collaboration rumor is true, but it’s more than likely to be true, as a host of new crossovers and promotional tie-in content is expected in Fortnite during its upcoming seasons.

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Fortnite is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android mobile devices.

Source: HYPEX/Twitter (12)

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