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Will There Be a Season 2?

The Silent Sea proved to be another smash success for Netflix as another Korean drama that had viewers gripped to their screens. Recently, K-dramas have been thrust into the international spotlight, particularly through the success of Squid Game. The Silent Sea is the most recent success story, and upon its launch at the end of 2021, managed to secure a top 10 spot in 88 countries on the streaming platform.

The series follows a mission to an abandoned moon base, and the setting of outer space provides a dangerous backdrop which adds layers of tension and drama to the story. The series is directed by Choi Hang-Yyong, and is an adaptation of their own short film, The Sea of Tranquility. Here is an in-depth look at the success of The Silent Sea, including how it ended and the potential for a second series.


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How The Silent Sea Ended

ending silent sea

The Silent Sea presented a dystopian future where water was rationed and in short supply. Dr. Song Ji-an (Doona Bae) lost her sister five years previous due to a spread of radiation from inside the Balhae station facility. Dr. Song is offered a mission that requires her to visit Balhae station, which she accepts in the hopes of finding out more information regarding her sister’s disappearance.

Throughout the series, we are introduced to lunar water, which has the capacity to multiply exponentially. However, we see deadly consequences for those who consume it. We are also introduced to the character Luna, who has a genetic mutation which makes her immune to the effects of the lunar water, and after attacking Dr Song, passes her immunity abilities onto her. At the end of the series, Dr Song, Luna and the remaining survivors from the mission head back to planet earth after being rescued, presenting the opportunity for the water problem on earth to be solved through the discovery of lunar water and Luna herself

Who Could Return for Season 2?

Dr song

While no official cast for season 2 has been announced at the moment, the ending did set out a clear indication as to who would likely not return, with many of the main cast members losing their lives on the dangerous mission. There were some characters who survived the ordeal, so let’s take a look at those characters and the potential for their growth in the potential next season.

Dr. Song Ji-an is played by Doona Bae, who is previously known for her work in series such as Sense8. Dr. Song Ji-an an astrobiologist, and largely the central character to the story. She is assigned the role of researching the secrets of what happened at the now abandoned research center on the moon, something she is drawn to as she lost her sister due to a radiation problem which spread from the facility. Her role next season could likely involve trying to persuade those on earth of the possibilities of lunar water combined with the immunity effects that Luna can bring, and it’s likely that she will face some challenges trying to make lunar water a suitable source for planet earth.

Additionally, Dr. Hong Ga-young is portrayed by Kim Sun-young, who has been in other successful drama including Romance is a Bonus Book and Crash Landing On You. Dr. Hong Ga-young is a medical officer who is part of the team investigating Balhae station. She survives at the end of the series, so it’s very likely that we could see more of her in a potential second season, most likely helping with the aim to use lunar water on earth.

Kim Shi-ah, who some may recognize from movies such as The Closet and The House of Us, plays the human clone that the crew find at the Balhae station, known as Luna 073. Luna is unpredictable and is immune to the devastating effects of the lunar water which everyone else experiences. After it is discovered that she can transfer her immunity to regular people, her part in the possibility of a second series becomes much larger, however her unpredictable personality makes for the possibility of more twists and turns in a second series.

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What Could Season 2 be About?

Silent Sea final

Right now, any official plot details regarding season two are not available, and there have been no hints dropped by cast members or crew. There is also no news announcing a trailer or any social media activity that gives anything away; however, this is unsurprising given how recent the series is.

An obvious plot point for the new series would center around Luna and her possible transportation to planet earth. It seems obvious that the combination of Dr Song’s new-found immunity through Luna would spark ideas around utilizing this in order to better humanity and solve the water crisis faced on earth. It’s likely that more twists and turns would occur throughout the process of doing so, and we look forward to hearing more regarding a possible second season.

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