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Downton Abbey’s Creator Explains Why He Killed Certain Characters Off, But Makes A Promise About A New Era Sequel

Death may be a constant companion in the world of the mortal, but even idyllic settings like the ever-expanding Downton Abbey aren’t immune to the icy grip of the Grim Reaper. Season 3 alone saw two prolific deaths in creator Julian Fellowes’ period drama, and the cinematic sequel A New Era seems primed for another major character’s passing. There is a method to Mr. Fellowes’ madness though, and he recently explained it; while also making a very specific promise about the Downton sequel. 

How Julian Fellowes Decides To Kill Off Your Favorite Downton Abbey Characters

Julian Fellowes recently appeared on the chat show Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh, and via the publication Hello!, his methodology in murdering characters came to light. Those of you who thought the deaths of beloved characters like Lady Sybil or Cousin Matthew were just random twists of fate are going to be surprised. In fact, when revealing his ways, Fellowes laid out a two-pronged system. Step one goes as follows: 

Killing them off is hard. Yes, I mean, the audience always thinks you’ve done it wilfully. You know, I come in on some tyrant, ‘Off with his head’, but it isn’t, of course, it’s the actor saying it’s the end of my three-year contract and I’ve got a play on Broadway.

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