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Watch Disney Parks’ Spider-Man Animatronic Malfunction During Jump

Spider-Man’s animatronic double experiences a malfunction in front of fans whilst performing an aerial jump at Disney’s Avengers Campus.

A Spider-Man animatronic has malfunctioned at Disney Parks whilst making an aerial jump. Spider-Man is becoming increasingly popular amongst Marvel fans as the web-slinger’s latest movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home, continues to make mega-money during its theatrical run. The Tom Holland-led Spider-Man: No Way Home has managed to make over $1.6 billion at the box office worldwide so far, topping movies both pre- and post-pandemic, proving that Spider-Man truly is one of the world’s favorite heroes.

Given Spider-Man’s popularity, it’s no wonder that Disneyland is eager to give guests the experience of witnessing some of Spidey’s quips and tricks in real life. Avengers Campus, located in Disneyland in California, is the ideal place for fans of the hero to catch Spider-Man and his Avengers co-workers. Fans can expect to see a performance full of stunts and tricks, and even catch the Marvel hero as he is soaring through the sky on his famous webs.


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However, stunts don’t always go to plan, and guests visiting Disneyland experienced this firsthand when a Spider-Man animatronic malfunctioned during an aerial jump. In a video shared by @thescarletprint on Twitter, the Spider-Man robot is seen launching from his web before diving head-first into a nearby building. After not sticking the landing, the animatronic falls out of sight onto a neighboring roof. Watch the video below:

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When successful, the Spider-Man robot is actually quite impressive. Designed specifically for stunt use, animatronic Spidey is able to do flips and other poses as he swings through the sky. Whilst there is a real person in the Spider-Man suit for most of the performance, the animatronic is used to do particularly dangerous stunts to keep actors safe, though the life-like movement it is capable of (usually) makes the transition between the real and fake web-slingers almost seamless.

However, with any technology, there is always the risk that something may go wrong. It’s unfortunate that, in this case, the malfunction happened in front of so many Marvel fans. With that said, however, the occasional mishap is a small price to pay for the safety of Disneyland’s stunt performers and the amazing spectacle of Spider-Man swinging through the sky when it works as planned. When it does go wrong, though, at least it makes for a pretty funny video.

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Source: @thescarletprint/Twitter

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