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21 Shows To Watch If You Liked The Witcher

Netflix’s The Witcher premiered to much fanfare, blending comedy, action, fantasy, and drama to have a little something for everyone. Season 2 continued the adventures of three characters: Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill), a famous monster slayer who is part of a mysterious brotherhood known as witchers; Princess Ciri (Freya Allan), the imperiled heiress of Cintra whose destiny has been tied to Geralt since birth; and Yennefer (Anya Chalotra), a powerful sorceress with a tragic past who lost her ability to connect with Chaos.

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Over the eighteen episodes following the beloved characters, dragons have been slain, spells have been cast, Geralt has grunted, Kaer Morhen has been infiltrated, Jaskier (Joey Batey) has serenaded, and Ciri has come closer to discovering the truth about her powers. The Witcher is a unique show, but fans will find something to like out of other epic fantasy series.

Updated January 4, 2022 by Kayleena Pierce Bohen: Thanks to taking over two years to reach fans, not only has The Witcher season 2 proved just as big a phenomenon as season 1 but there have been many exciting new developments in other genre television series that include striking similarities to the highly anticipated fantasy show. Fans have been introduced to new series like The Witcher, including Arcane‘s first season (based on the popular League of Legends franchise), and novel-turned-series The Wheel Of Time and His Dark Materials have delivered exciting seasons full of magic and monsters, each with protagonists and characters who resemble the famous Butcher of Blaviken and his friends.

21 Arcane (2021 – Present)

Stream On Netflix

Vander rescues Vi and Powder in Arcane

Set in the League of Legends Universe, Arcane follows the origin stories of Vi and Jinx (Hailee Steinfeld and Ella Purnell, respectively), two iconic champions amidst a backdrop of power-grabbing greed and glory. They must navigate political upheaval and warfare as the affluent city of Piltover and the seedy underground of Zaun both try to claim Hextech, a new arcane technology, for their city.

Filled with compelling stories and breathtaking animation, the world of Arcane will seem very much like Geralt’s Continent, with its own version of mages, monster hunters, and courtly manipulators. Fans of the franchise will delight in seeing beloved League of Legends characters given richer backstories, many of which involve more adult content like The Witcher than most other animated programs.

20 The Wheel Of Time (2021 – Present)

Stream On Prime

Wheel of time dragon reborn fakeouts

Based on the famous epic fantasy book series by Robert Jordan (with the final three novels penned by similarly lauded fantasy author Brandon Sanderson), The Wheel Of Time centers on a woman named Moiraine (Rosamund Pike) who embarks on a quest with five others, hoping that the journey will reveal to her which of them is the reincarnation of a powerful entity called the Dragon.

The dark themes contained within the lengthy book series are featured here, with enough blood and gore to make even Geralt blush, so it’s a perfect show to watch after The Witcher. Amazon Prime has put a lot of care and thoughtfulness into realizing Jordan’s world, though the second season will be delayed due to the platform’s simultaneous production of a Lord of the Rings prequel series, to which The Wheel of Time will likely be compared.


19 A Discovery Of Witches (2018 – Present)

Stream On Shudder & Prime

Taking inspiration from the All Souls trilogy of books by Deborah Harkness, A Discovery of Witches is a thrilling fantasy series that follows Diana Bishop (Teresa Palmer), a historian who discovers a sacred tome and, while trying to decipher its secrets, gets sucked back into a world of vampires, witches, demons, and other supernatural creatures.

A series like The Witcher by way of Outlander, this show has vivid sets, costumes, and even a bit of romance to go with its creatures that go bump in the night. Can a witch and a vampire geneticist (Matthew Goode) save the world? Find out on Shudder or Prime.

18 Cursed (2020)

Stream On Netflix

Katherine Langford in Cursed

Though Cursed only ran for a single season on Netflix, the intriguing retelling of the famous Arthurian legend is a rollicking adventure filled with swordfights, strange curses, and heroes coming of age. It stars 13 Reasons Why‘s Katherine Langford as Nimueh, a young sorceress learning her craft while recruiting a reckless mercenary named Arthur (Devon Terrell) to help save her people.

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The series ended on an exciting cliffhanger involving Nimueh and Sister Iris (Emily Coates), but thinking of it like a prequel movie that sets up the identities of Guinevere, Lancelot, and Percival, it’s worth it to revisit the world and lore of Camelot.

17 Hellbound (2021 – Present)

Stream On Netflix

Hellbound Season 2

A dystopian horror series from South Korea, Hellbound showcases the wrath of a higher power in various terrifying shapes as monsters and demons appear to everyday people and condemn them to hell. Eventually, a group of the faithful gather together to intervene, but the circumstances will test their belief to the brink of sanity.

While it’s hailed as the next Squid Game, the supernatural drama has a lot more in common with shows like The Witcher. Whether or not it’s set in the modern-day, questions about morality, virtue, and devotion surrounding giant monsters make Hellbound evoke similar themes to the fantasy series. The second season can’t come soon enough.

16 His Dark Materials (2019 – Present)

Stream On Hulu & HBOMax

A cast photo from His Dark Materials.

Philip Pullman’s beloved fantasy book series has been turned into His Dark Materials, starring James McAvoy as Lord Asriel, a brave explorer working for the Magisterium who tries to draw a link between his world and parallel realms, and Dafne Keen as Lyra Belacqua, a young girl whose investigations into missing children connect to his quest.

A darkly delightful adventure that blends Victorian aesthetics with stirring fantasy visuals, it’s more faithful to Pullman’s works than the 2007 film The Golden Compass. Season 3, which will be the series final season, will air in 2022.

15 Legend Of The Seeker (2008 – 2010)

Stream On Prime

Legend of the Seeker TV Show

A little heavier-handed with the camp, Legend of the Seeker nevertheless combines medieval world-building with sword and sorcery shenanigans in much the same way that TV shows like The Witcher do. The series followed a woodsman named Richard Cypher (Craig Horner) who, together with Zedd the wizard (Bruce Spence) and the mysterious Kahlan (Bridget Regan), tried to stop a tyrant (Craig Parker) from unleashing unspeakable evil on the kingdom.

The series was adapted from Terry Goodkind’s popular fantasy novels and effectively used both comedy and drama to tell its episodic adventures. It only lasted two seasons but receives plenty of attention streaming on Amazon Prime. Watch it for Parker’s screen-chewing performance as the show’s villain.

14 The Last Kingdom (2015 – Present)

Stream On Netflix

The Last Kingdom Season 4

What The Last Kingdom lacks in magic and sorcery, it more than makes up for in brutal swordfights. It follows Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon), an orphaned boy who witnesses his father be killed when the Danes slaughtered the Saxon army and marched across England. The warlord Earl Ragnar (Peter Gantzler) raised him as his own and taught him the ways of the Danish warrior.

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When Uhtred’s adopted family is killed, including Ragnar, he vows revenge and makes preparations to reclaim his homeland. Together with his accomplice Brida (Emily Cox), a sharp-tongued warriorress, he makes a plan to recapture his ancestral lands, but his allegiance will be tested by the inhabitants of his birth country and the people who raised him. Season 1-4 are available on Netflix, with the fifth season arriving sometime in 2022.

13 Vikings (2013-2020)

Stream On Hulu


Vikings is an epic historical saga following the cunning warrior Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) , a former farmer who defied his chieftain and made a conquest of the Western world. Together with his shipbuilder Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård), his brother, his sons, and his wife Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick), they pillage the plunder of what would become England and France.

Sprinkled throughout the epic battles and dramatic character development is the mysticism of Norse mythology. Vikings not only teaches viewers a lot of history, but it also makes the Viking culture feel alive and well today, with much of it invoking the witcher codes of warriorly conduct of Kaer Morhen. All six seasons are currently available to stream.

12 Game Of Thrones (2011 – 2019)

Stream On HBOMax

Game of Thrones Main Cast

For those who never got caught up in the craze surrounding Game of Thrones, now would be the time to start. Over the course of a decade, prominent families of Westeros fought and died to put a member of their House on the Iron Throne and rule the Seven Kingdoms.

Known for its political intrigue, sprawling interconnecting plot, and deeply compelling character development, the HBO series gripped audiences for eight seasons. It became a culturally iconic series as well as a standard for the Golden Age of television and is a perfect show to watch after The Witcher. All eight epic seasons are available on HBOMax.

11 Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (1995 – 1999)

Stream On Tubi

Based on the hero of Greek and Roman mythology, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys featured the mighty Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) fighting all manner of monsters, sirens, and tyrants as he traveled the land mourning the loss of his wife and child at the hands of the murderous Hera (Meg Foster).

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Fans who enjoyed the camaraderie of Geralt and Jaskier in The Witcher will appreciate the situational comedy of Hercules and his mortal friend Iolaus (Michael Hurst), who operates as his sidekick as well as his best friend as they encounter all manner of magical mayhem. The series lasted for six seasons and is available on Amazon Prime.

10 Xena: Warrior Princess (1995 – 2001)

Stream On Tubi

Xena Warrior Princess

A spin-off of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, where Xena (Lucy Lawless) was first introduced, Xena: Warrior Princess turned out to be a massive hit on its own. It followed the adventures of Xena, a Greecian princess who, together with her bard and friend Gabrielle (Renee O’Connor), traveled the lands fighting for the greater good

It started as a comedic romp at first but grew darker and more dramatic in later seasons. Xena had a dark past as a warlord and was spared by Hercules on the proviso she helped those in peril. Watch it for the mythological lessons, and the chemistry between Xena and Gabrielle.

9 Galavant (2015 – 2017)

Stream On Hulu

ABC's Galavant Cast

Though it might not seem like it has many similarities to The Witcher, there are several songs as catchy as “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher” or “Burn Butcher Burn” to be found in Galavant, the musical fairy tale. The series gets its name from its hero Galavant (Joshua Sasse), who battles to get his lady love Madalena (Mallory Jansen) back from the clutches of the arrogant and evil King Richard (Timothy Omundson).

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Though it only had two seasons, Galavant accrued a sizable fandom for those that appreciated its blend of comedy, musical accompaniment, and medieval fantasy. Watching the show, audiences will never know what to expect as its characters, dance, fight (sometimes dance fight!), and sing their way through a variety of zany situations.

8 Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance (2019)

Stream On Netflix

Dark Crystal Age of Resistance Ending Header

You may remember the popular ’80s fantasy film The Dark Crystal, created by Jim Henson’s company out of puppets and practical effects. It featured the elf-like Gelflings trying to restore the power to the Crystal, an ancient relic the evil Skesis used to draw their immortal power and shroud the lands of Thra in darkness.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance takes a look at the world before the darkness spread when Gelflings were far more plentiful and rose up against the Skesis in full force. The prequel series received rave reviews on Netflix for being both imaginative enough for children and complex enough for adults. The blend of puppetry and CGI is truly transporting for the viewer.

7 Carnival Row (2019 – Present)

Stream On Prime

Carnival Row brings together the intrigue of neo-noir with the wonder of fantasy, creating a rich series that poses what would happen if mythological creatures lived side by side with humans. As tensions rise between the two groups, Detective Rycroft Philostrate (Orlando Bloom) is tasked with investigating a series of murders involving fairies that threaten to lead to overwhelming violence in the city.

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As he uncovers clues to the murderer loose on Carnival Row, which boasts a dense population of fairies, he encounters his former lover Vignette Stonemoss (Cara Delevingne), who reluctantly joins his struggle. The Amazon Prime series does a fantastic job of world-building and building suspense and features an incredible cast. Season 2 is expected to drop sometime in 2022.

6 Merlin (2008 – 2012)

Stream On Netflix

Dragon in Merlin

The familiar legend of King Arthur and the Kingdom of Camelot is retold in Merlin, a BBC series that focused on Arthur (Bradley James) and his someday adviser Merlin (Colin Morgan) when they were young men trying to determine their destinies. Prince Arthur is aware of his responsibilities to the throne, and Merlin is discovering his magical abilities.

Merlin features plenty of magic and mythical creatures, but the touching drama and character development aren’t overshadowed by its plentiful use of sorcery. Over the five seasons, the boys grow into men, and their loyalties are tested, especially as King Uther (Anthony Head) enacts his Great Purge, banning the use of magic.

5 Castlevania (2017 – 2021)

Stream On Netflix

In a series very similar to The Witcher, a ragtag trio of misfits, including the disgraced heir to the Belmont Clan once renowned for fighting demons, a mystic priestess, and Dracula’s half-human, half-vampire son take on the Prince of Darkness himself in Castlevania. The hit Netflix show is based on the popular video game series of the same name, which pits the player against Dracula and his demon hordes.

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By seasons 2 and 3, the storyline involves Trevor Belmont (Richard Armitage) and Sypha (Alejandra Reynoso) off on their own, doing battle with terrifying demons, monsters, and other creatures of the night in exchange for some coin. Eventually, the vampire hordes catch up to them, and they must once again save humanity from evil. All four seasons are currently on Netflix.

4 The Mandalorian (2019 – Present)

Stream On Disney+

The Mandalorian

Though The Mandalorian might not seem like it has much in common with a show like The Witcher, given its sci-fi roots in the Star Wars Universe, there are some striking similarities when the genre is disregarded. Like The Witcher, the Disney+ series focuses on a lone warrior (Pedro Pascal) who travels the land in search of jobs for coin, until such time as his life as a mercenary and bounty hunter is interrupted.

Grogu (aka Baby Yoda) becomes his ward, and he becomes the unlikely father figure to a child with unusual powers. Like the Witcher, the Mandalorian would like everyone around him to believe his heart is impregnable, but as the series progresses, his concern for the Child exposes his vulnerabilities, and a hilarious partnership is born.

3 The Shannara Chronicles (2016 – 2017)

Stream On Netflix

The Sword of Shannara Trilogy of fantasy novels was turned into an exciting TV series called The Shannara Chronicles, which placed the fate of what was left of humankind thousands of years after its fall into the hands of elves. The trio of heroes tasked with saving humans was comprised of Amberle the Elven Princess (Poppy Drayton), human Eretria (Ivana Baquero), and half-elf Wil (Austin Butler).

With the help of the last druid Allanon, the trio undertakes a quest to help save the Ellcrys, an ancient tree that prevents the Forbidding (a demon world) from opening onto the Four Lands. The series only aired for two seasons but manages to pack a lot of excitement into a short amount of time.

2 Penny Dreadful (2014 – 2016)

Stream On Hulu

Set in the Victorian era, Penny Dreadful chronicles the adventures of a team of experts tasked with hunting down a variety of supernatural enemies. Led by adventurer Sir Malcolm Murray (Timothy Dalton), clairvoyant Vanessa Ives (Eva Green), and American sharpshooter Ethan Chandler (Josh Hartnett), they each provide different skills.

What starts out as a quest to locate Sir Malcolm’s daughter in the bowels of a vampire grotto, turns into one encounter after another with the famous faces of horror. Victor Frankenstein (Harry Treadaway) and his monster (Rory Kinnear), Count Dracula (Christian Camergo), and Lord Dorian Gray (Reeve Carney) all make appearances, though ordinary humans prove to be plenty dangerous.

1 Spartacus (2010 – 2013)

Stream On Prime

Like The Witcher, Spartacus didn’t shy away from blood, nudity, or excessive violence. Fans of the Butcher of Blaviken who have always wondered what his Witcher Trials were like would do well to see how Spartacus (Andy Whitfield and Liam McIntyre), a slave of the Roman Empire learned to be the greatest gladiator of all time.

The series ran for four seasons on Starz before it went to Hulu, and didn’t tell just Spartacus’s story, but the Odyssey of all of his fellow gladiators. As they trained to bring honor to their House and Master through trial by combat, they developed humor and camaraderie which, when combined with the stunning action sequences, elevated this series into a must-see.

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