Saturday, October 1, 2022

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Two Reasons Why The Matrix Resurrections Bombed In China

Sometimes a movie that looks like a surefire money maker can turn out to be something much more of a tepid affair than expected. Co-writer/director Lana Wachowski’s The Matrix Resurrections is one such box office lamb that was seemingly led to the slaughter, during a very busy holiday movie season in 2021. Even more disheartening is the fact that after this weekend’s opening in the Chinese film market, Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss’s triumphant return to The Matrix has bombed yet again; and for two very specific reasons. 

Looking through the numbers compiled from its opening weekend in China, THR reported a $7.5 million result from Friday to Sunday. A smaller showing than even the domestic $12 million opening frame, the two big reasons that seem to be responsible for this latest glitch encountered by Warner Bros’ legacyquel are familiar foes. Not only was the movie reported to be heavily pirated, but audiences have apparently rated the film rather poorly.

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