Monday, October 3, 2022

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Watch Shrek’s Donkey Absolutely Roast A Universal Studios Guest For Wearing Minnie Mouse Ears Into The Park

Part of the magic of visiting a theme park is that it feels like anything can happen. Whether you’re hurtling through the air on a gravity-defying ride or having a close encounter with one of your favorite film characters, these parks are designed to keep us on our toes. Now at Universal Studios, it looks like we won’t ever be able to let our guard down – because Shrek’s Donkey just unloaded on a guest he caught wearing Disney merchandise. 

The next time you visit Universal Studios, you might want to be careful when approaching the Shrek-themed Meet and Greet station – especially if you’re not prepared to swear your allegiance to the park. In a video posted to TikTok, Shrek’s Donkey can be heard ranting about a guest who had the audacity to wear Minnie Mouse ears in his presence. Take a look at the hilarious moment here: 

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