Monday, July 4, 2022

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Ryan Reynolds Recalls Giving Denzel Washington Two Black Eyes While Filming Safe House And How The Actor Responded

Ryan Reynolds has become one of the top movie stars in the world following the success of the Deadpool franchise, but prior to that the actor made many movies, most of which don’t come immediately to mind. You’d be forgiven if you’d forgotten Ryan Reynolds once starred alongside Denzel Washington in the movie Safe House. It’s possible Reynolds himself would like to forget it too, as he apparently gave Washington, not one, but two black eyes.

Safe House was a decent hit in its day, so much so that a sequel was planned, though it has never happened. It’s unlikely to get added to the list of upcoming Ryan Reynolds movies anytime soon. The movie is discovered from time to time, and it’s a solid action movie with good performances from both leads. Reynolds has mentioned previously that he injured his co-star while on set, but we now have some key details on what happened.  

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