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Avatar 2 Producer Explains What So Many Movies Get Wrong With 3-D

It can be a tough decision when a visually-striking film comes out and you don’t know whether to watch the original release or spend a little extra on the 3-D version. 3-D has come a long way since buying red and blue lensed 3-D glasses just to see some slow-moving pop-ups like when I saw Spy Kids 3: Game Over in 2003. Movies have also gotten the 3-D conversion treatment recently like Shazam! where director David F. Sandberg shared his thoughts that the conversion is too much of a hassle and a real need for 3-D without the glasses. With the long-awaited release of Avatar: The Way of Water coming to theaters in its 3-D glory, Avatar 2 producer Jon Landau explains what so many movies get wrong about 3-D.

The recent release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness reached a high verdict to buy that 3-D ticket and for you to put back on those 3-D glasses. The Hollywood Reporter would agree with that as they proved that 10% of moviegoers paid 20-30% more for a 3-D ticket, bringing back the 3-D trend. Another film to lure audiences into wearing 3-D glasses again would be Avatar: The Way of Water. And Jon Landau recently spoke to THR about how 3-D is better used when it is made with the film compared to converting it with 3-D elements.

I think what happened is some people got lost, and there’s a period of time where people felt that converting something to 3D made it a better movie; 3D does not change the movie, 3D exacerbates whatever the movie is. I think that people were doing it as an afterthought to a process, as opposed to [using] 3D as a creative element — no different than lighting, no different than focus, no different than camera movement — that a filmmaker needs to bring a sensibility of how to use that to enhance the narrative storytelling.

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