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Brandon Jones & Will Urena’s Bromance Explained

Brandon Jones walked away heartbroken from The Bachelorette. However, he’s now healing thanks in part to a blossoming bromance with costar Will Urena.

Since appearing on Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette, Brandon Jones has established a great friendship with costar Will Urena out in the real world. Brandon and Will first met on The Bachelorette season 18 in 2021. Unlike Will, Brandon made it to the final two. With that said, both of them made a great impression on viewers. On the show, Brandon and Will were friendly but not particularly close. After filming wrapped, they reconnected and have since forged a special bond. Will left The Bachelorette early on, whereas Brandon walked away heartbroken as Michelle’s runner-up.

Will made the biggest impression during his feud with Peter Izzo, a.k.a. the pizza king. The tension started when Will wrote “Peter” instead of the word “narcissist” on a group spelling bee contest with Michelle’s students. Later, Peter threw Will’s leather jacket into a pool as tensions rose. Brandon and the rest of the men weren’t impressed with Peter. While Will attempted to cement his rivalry by posting negative reviews of Peter’s pizza shop, they did make amends during the Men Tell-All special. After a second try, Will said Peter’s pizza tasted pretty good that evening. Meanwhile, Brandon’s reunion episode was far heavier as he confronted Michelle for the first time since ending his journey in tears.


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There’s no denying that Brandon needed time to heal from his heartbreak. Luckily, Will turned out to be the friend he needed to get through it all. Brandon revealed during an interview with the Viall Files podcast that Will has been a consistent support to him since leaving The Bachelorette. Podcast host Nick Viall was somewhat surprised to hear Brandon vouch for Will’s character after the heated dynamic he had with Peter. However, Will and Brandon seem to be growing closer and closer over time. Brandon lives in Portland, Oregon, whereas Will is from Grand Rapids, Michigan. In any case, they haven’t let the distance hold back their bromance. To celebrate New Year’s Eve, Will and Brandon went to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles. Will even shared a tribute to that special day on Instagram (seen below).

The men took selfies, played basketball, and got a little spooked. Brandon commented on Will’s post, “All fun and games until that ride took off . There’s some profound love between these guys that reminisces former Bachelor Nation bromances. More recently, Brandon did an iconic photoshoot with Will’s infamous jacket that went for a swim. Brandon said on the post that he’ll always be Will’s wingman, explaining: “Back story: After Will was gifted a second jacket from Michelle at his last rose ceremony, before he departed Palm Springs, he left me the first top gun jacket.” Peter’s antics and villain edit were just the beginning for the jacket. Brandon continued, “He wanted to make sure I would have one too so I could remember him. As an update, He’s currently my best friend, so we did a photoshoot from opposite states. Chlorine took most of the patches… except one [rose].” Brandon added, “bromance #JusticeForTheJacket.” Will commented, “My brother 4lyfe! You were a real one from day 1! I’ll always have your back.”  

A fan commented, “I never thought it could happen to me, but I’m in love with 2 people,” poking fun at the love triangle trope. The love between castmates is a recurring theme of Bachelor Nation. Genuine people who know how to have fun make all the difference. If fans are lucky, Will and Brandon’s blossoming bromance will inspire friendships on The Bachelorette for years to come.

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Sources: Will Urena/Instagram, Brandon Jones/Instagram, Viall Files

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