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10 Major Things That Would Need To Be In A Fourth Sam Raimi Spider-Man, According To Reddit

After seeing Tobey Maguire return as Spider-Man in No Way Home, Redditors have been discussing what a potential Spider-Man 4 should look like.

Spider-Man: No Way Home hit theaters last month and became an instant box office success. The film also gave fans the opportunity to see Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield on the big screen again thanks to the Marvel multiverse.

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Since seeing Maguire taking up the role again, and with Sam Raimi directing Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, many have been expressing their want for a Spider-Man 4 and what they would like to see.

10 Answers About Peter’s Personal Life


Peter is certainly in a different place in his life during Spider-Man: No Way Home than he was at the end of Spider-Man 3, but not much was revealed about what happened during that time frame. “People just want to know what happened to him after all those years,” Redditor Ubermensch2745 writes, as the only thing fans really learned was that Peter and MJ managed to make things work in their romantic relationship. Raimi’s Spider-Man 3 released in 2007, meaning there are 15 years worth of details that audiences want to learn more about.

9 The Return Of Mr. Ditkovitch

Elya Baskin as Mr. Ditkovitch in Spider-Man 2.

Reddit user TheLoyalTR8R claims that “it would be criminal not to bring back Mr. Ditkovitch” as he and Peter never truly got to resolve their issues on screen. The relationship between the landlord and Peter was always a bit strained, especially during Spider-Man 3, as Peter was constantly behind on his rent. It would be interesting to see if the dynamic between these two ever improved or potentially got worse, and to maybe even see if Peter and Ditkovitch’s daughter Ursula are still on good terms after their brief friendship.


8 Professor Peter Parker

Spider-Man teaching X-Men Super Hero Ethics

As much as fans may want him to, Peter Parker can’t remain Spider-Man forever and some have an idea on what he could do with his time instead. Reddit user calebisanowl sees Peter becoming “a college professor…to focus on his daughter” after retiring from being the friendly neighborhood hero.

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Seeing Peter take his nerdy personality and applying it to a career he would enjoy while taking care of his family without focusing on wearing the suit would make for an excellent end for this character as he certainly deserves to have his happy ending.

7 Hobgoblin Against The Parkers

Hobgoblin rips a Spider-Man costume in half.

Many fans online are intrigued at the possibility of seeing Mayday Parker, Peter and MJ’s first-born daughter who takes on the Spider-Girl name, since a considerable amount of time has gone by and it was confirmed that Peter and MJ’ relationship worked out in Spider-Man: No Way Home. With her addition, Redditor user DGenerationMC thinks Hobgoblin would be the perfect villain in order to display themes of “a new generation handling what is passed down onto them and the past haunting the older generation.” Peter may struggle to face a villain that reminds him of his past while Mayday rises to the Spidey mantle to help, making for an exciting family dynamic to watch.

6 The Lizard And The Symbiote

Lizard preparing to attack Spider-Man.

Peter met Dr. Curtis Connors, portrayed by Dylan Baker, during his time at college and even sought out his help while attempting to identify what the symbiote was in Spider-Man 3. Dr. Connors does eventually become the villain Lizard, but this transition was never seen with Baker in the role despite this direction being hinted at “by him keeping a part of the Venom symbiote which he could use to create the serum” that eventually transforms him into a lizard, as Reddit user guywithushanka pointed out. Audiences would love to see Baker’s own version of the Lizard, so the continuation of his story is a must for Spider-Man 4. 

5 The Parker Family And The Defenders

Instead of a movie centered around solely Peter Parker, Reddit user Apprehensive-Neat-68 believes “a ‘Spider-Family’ movie where Peter starts his own universe’s version of The Defenders” with his children that follow in his footsteps would be the best route to go. Peter has always been a great help to The Defenders in the comics, so it wouldn’t be a surprise at all to see this behavior mirrored in his kids. By going this route, Raimi has the capability to introduce more characters, including those that aren’t directly in Spider-Man’s inner circle like Doctor Strange or Luke Cage, to further expand the universe he started with Spider-Man nearly 20 years ago.

4 Revealing That Aunt May Knows Everything

Aunt may sam raimi spiderman 2 tobey maguire

With Aunt May playing such a pivotal role in Peter’s life, Redditor calebisanowl thinks there should be a moment with her “finally admitting that she’s known Peter was Spider-Man all this time” before she inevitably passes away.

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This type of reveal would only reinforce her love for her family, no matter what choices Peter has made in the past, and could even serve as heartfelt way to say goodbye to the beloved character. May’s confession could push Peter to be completely honest with his family, which could develop into a transformational talk with his daughter Mayday, if she’s included as fans want her to be, that drives her to become Spider-Girl.

3 Kraven The Hunter As The Villain

Marvel Spider-Man 2 Kraven Last Hunt Comic Peter Miles Venom

Redditor BAGStudios believes that Maguire “would be most suited” for an encounter with Kraven the Hunter, particularly following a storyline with elements from the Kraven’s Last Hunt comic book run as Maguire is the most mature Spider-Man audiences have ever seen on screen. He could act alongside Aaron Taylor-Johnson as he was cast as Kraven in a spin-off movie for Sony last year to take on this darker story. This duo would be something that hasn’t been seen on film before and something that would no doubt captivate audiences.

2 The Superheroes In Raimi’s Universe

Some fans have been waiting for a payoff from an easter egg in Spider-Man 2, when J. Jonah Jameson mentions that the name Doctor Strange had already been taken when brainstorming a name for Otto Ocatvius’ Doc Ock. Redditor Apprehensive-Neat-68 would love to have Raimi “confirm what other superheroes are actually in his universe,” perhaps starting off with Doctor Strange after that name drop. Allowing Raimi to expand his universe by having Peter meet other heroes with their own powers opens the door to endless possibilities and could even let Maguire’s Peter realize what The Avengers are (not a band).

1 Introducing Mysterio And The Sinister Six

Spiderman no way home can the sinister six still happen

Sam Raimi had an original plan that could have spanned over the course of a second trilogy of Spider-Man movies. Redditor JamesDude123 hopes that anything new with Maguire keeps to Raimi’s “original concept of Mysterio and the Sinister Six.” Bruce Campbell, who made small cameos in the original trilogy, was supposed to take on the role of Mysterio in Spider-Man 4. Raimi expressed his fascination with the Sinister Six in various interviews and there were many casting rumors for Vulture after Spider-Man 3, hinting that this was the direction Raimi wanted to take. Seeing his interpretation of this villainous team would bring audiences joy, especially as there still hasn’t been an on-screen adaptation of this group.

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