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Director Of Ana De Armas’ NC-17 Movie Blonde Explains Surprise Over The Rating

The NC-17 rating rarely gets handed out by the Motion Pictures Association’s ratings board. But don’t view the “distinction” as a badge of honor. With an NC-17 comes all sorts of impediments to marketing that can actually hinder an audience from seeing the movie in question – even though there’s usually a curiosity from the viewers as to WHY a movie earned the NC-17. In the case of Ana De Armas’ upcoming Marilyn Monroe biopic Blonde, however, it’s the film’s director that’s confused and surprised as to why his movie received an NC-17 rating, and in a recent interview, he confessed that he believes the decision is a mistake.

Andrew Dominik has a sturdy reputation on film Twitter thanks to his work directing the underrated masterpieces The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford and Killing Them Softly, both with Brad Pitt. The filmmaker has been making the rounds talking about the deeper meanings behind the movie Blonde, which he wrote back in 2008 and has been fighting to the bring to the screen since. But while speaking to The Playlist, Dominik went into the reasons why he was surprised over the granting of the NC-17 rating, saying: 

Yeah, that was a bit of a surprise, that it got that rating. It was really #MeToo that allowed Blonde to happen. It was a gold moment where you had to believe a woman’s perspective no matter what. Whereas before, I think people were really uncomfortable with how Blonde portrayed certain American sacred cows. And then it became a gold moment where it didn’t matter if they were sacred cows or not. And that’s why it got made, what allowed it to happen in the end.

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