Friday, May 27, 2022

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How Excited Are People For Avatar 2? First Trailer Views Compared To Star Wars, F9 And More

After more than a decade of waiting, Avatar 2, officially titled Avatar: The Way of Water is finally set to arrive at the end of 2022. Why does it look like this will be the release slot that finally sticks? Well, the first Avatar 2 trailer has finally been released online following a brief exclusivity period of being attached to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Not only that, but given how the trailer’s views are comparable to what recent entries from franchises like Star Wars and Fast & Furious have raked in with their teaser trailers, clearly a lot of people are excited the upcoming movie.

Disney and 20th Century Studios have announced (via THR) that within its first 24 hours, the Avatar: The Way of Water trailer collected 148.6 million views across the world, including 23 million in China alone. That’s more than any of the recent Star Wars movies’ trailers received during that same period, including The Rise of Skywalker, the final Skywalker Saga installment, which netted 112.4 million views. The Way of Water also surpassed the teaser trailers for Black Widow and Incredibles 2 (116.8 million and 113.1 million, respectively), but it didn’t come close to surpassing F9’s teaser trailer, which stood tall with 202.7 million views. 

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