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First Appearance of Venom Symbiote Sells For Record Amount

Interior artwork from Secret Wars featuring the origin appearance of the Venom symbiote has just been sold and it has absolutely shattered records.

A comic page from Marvel Comics featuring the canonical first appearance of the symbiote that would develop into the iconic Venom just made history at a recent auction. The original artwork of Spider-Man donning his black variant costume was recently sold at Heritage Auctions for a record-breaking $3,360,000. The astronomical amount of money the page was able to bring in is a banner achievement for Marvel, Spider-Man and most of all, Venom.

The black Spider-Man suit technically made its first appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #252 from Tom DeFalco, Roger Stern, Ron Frenz, and Brett Breeding, but its origin was expanded on months later in Secret Wars #8 from Jim Shooter, Mike Zeck, John Beatty, Jack Abel, and Mike Esposito. Introduced as an alien lifeform Peter Parker encountered on Battleworld, the amorphous being bonded with him and replicated his Spider-Man outfit while providing him with enhanced strength and limitless webbing. However, after recognizing the threat the symbiote posed to him, Peter ditched the symbiote, only for it to bond with Parker’s rival Eddie Brock afterwards, turning him into Spider-Man’s twisted mirror image, Venom.


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The moment that changed Spider-Man, and arguably the Marvel Universe, forever achieved a brand new level of clout after its recent sale at Heritage Auctions. Starting at a whopping bid of $330,000, the lot was not undersold, emphasizing the page was Mike Zeck’s original artwork, as well as being the origin appearances of Spider-Man’s black suit and thus, Venom. Other aspects were mentioned, such as the inks being done by John Beatty, Jack Abel or Mike Esposito, though it doesn’t clarify which. The original work made comic history on January 13th, 2022 when the auction came to a close and the artwork for Secret Wars #8 page 25 was sold for a groundbreaking $3,360,000.

Spider-Man Black Suit Symbiote Venom Heritage Auctions Marvel Comics

The results of the auction cannot be understated; the page selling for several million dollars is a notable achievement on many fronts. The previous record for an interior piece was held by the final page of Incredible Hulk #180, which featured a tease with the first appearance of Wolverine (also sold at Heritage Auctions). Aside from shattering that record, the money brought in by Zeck’s single page artwork puts it into a league with some of the most valuable comics of all time. The current record holder for most expensive comic ever sold is Amazing Fantasy #15, auctioned off for $3,600,000. Right behind it is a copy of Action Comics #1 that went for $3,250,000. The money made by the first appearance of the Venom symbiote puts it between the first and second most valuable comics of all time.

The money made from auctions of comic books and their interior art could be seen as a bellwether for the relevance of certain characters. Ever since the symbiote took a life of its own, the Lethal Protector has been a fan-favorite, featured in his own successful titles and blockbuster movies. The money made off of Venom‘s humble beginnings only further cements his status as one of the most profitable characters ever conceived.

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Source: Heritage Auctions

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