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WandaVision Stars Join Fans in Celebrating the Show’s First Anniversary

WandaVision brought intrigue and action of the MCU to small screen one year ago and social media celebrated the occasion.

WandaVision Episode 4 Extended Clip Pulls More MCU Characters Into Wanda's World

It is one year since WandaVision kicked off Phase 4 of the MCU with a unique and intriguing introduction to the classic sitcom-based world of Wanda Maximoff and her husband Vision. Over the following weeks, Marvel Studios worked its magic to turn the strange setup into a full-blown MCU action blockbuster that delivered a brilliantly written character study of Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda as she handled the grief of losing Vision and discovered her true potential as Scarlet Witch, as well as also setting up the arrival of a number of future characters and returning faces to the MCU, including the instant fan favorite of Agatha Harkness.


To mark the anniversary, a number of the series’ stars have been sharing memories and behind the scenes look at their work on the series, which would remove any doubts about whether the MCU could work on the small screen as well as it has on a cinematic scale. First up was Kat Dennings, who returned to the Marvel universe as Thor’s Darcy Lewis, who shared a photo on Instagram of a wardrobe malfunction she suffered while filming one of her scenes that involved the actress being dressed in a circus outfit.

“It’s the 1 year anniversary of WandaVision so here is me breaking my spanx on my first day in the circus outfit,” Dennings wrote. Teyonah Parris (Monica Rambeau) replied, “The struuuuugle is REAL!!! You FLY doh, frand!! Happy Anniversary to us!!”

Parris later shared her own post about her time on WandaVision. She included a throwback video of her first day on the set of the series as she performed a dance routine in full costume. She wrote:

“#WandaVision 1yr Anniversary and we’re still feeling the!! Thank yall!! Love this moment when the Hair, Makeup, Wardrobe, and Imagination finally all meet for the first time!! This was me preparing for my VERY FIRST DAY ON SET!! I had to do the big speech where Geraldine visits Wanda and yaps on about the job she just got! The speech was literally changing up until the day of and I was soooo nervous (read: MY 1st day on a MARVEL set!!) Most times you can just ease in on a new set and feel things out because you may not be doing much so you can watch how everything and everyone is working. Whoooo chiiile, not this day. Baby had to LEEEEAP!! And what fun we had!! Makeup: @gene9902, Hair: Nikki Wright, Wardrobe: Mayes Rubeo, *Shout-out to Crawf hypin’ me up! #MonicaRambeau #Marvel #TheMarvels coming soon!!”

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WandaVision Fans Joined In Celebrating The Anniversary Of The Disney+ Series

Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany look at their hands in WandaVision

A year later, WandaVision is still the most loved and praised Marvel show to have been released on Disney+ so far, and the fans of the show and the MCU in general were not about to let the day pass without adding their own congratulations on social media. As we join them in marveling that a year has passed since Marvel Studios kick-started their TV adventure, here are some of the comments shared on Twitter today, including Marvel Entertainment’s own behind-the-scenes post marking the occasion.

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Doctor Strange 2 Fan Art Imagines Tom Cruise as Variant Tony Stark

Tom Cruise has been rumored to appear as Iron Man in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and this is what it might look like.

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