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Bob Saget Remembered by Half Baked Writers and Co-Stars

After the death of Bob Saget, fans have been going back and watching some of his past work as a way to remember the comedian from happier times. Many of his fans will never be able to forget the surprising cameo he had in Half Baked, a stoner comedy film released in 1998. Directed by Tamra Davis and co-written by Dave Chappelle and Neal Brennan, the film follows a group of stoners turned weed dealers looking to raise money to bail one of their own out of the big house.

At one point in the film, Chappelle’s character decides to stop smoking weed in order to further pursue a potential relationship with a love interest. He goes to a support group for people struggling with addictions, and when he announces that he’s there for marijuana addiction, he’s met with anger from everyone else in attendance. Memorably, Saget stands up and decries that “marijuana is not a drug,” as he used to perform certain sexual favors in exchange for cocaine. When Chappelle admits he’s never done the same for marijuana, Saget responds, “I didn’t think so.” Watch the NSFW scene below.


In more recent years, Bob Saget had become very well known for his raunchy comedy, and this cameo doesn’t seem so odd in retrospect. At the time, however, he was mostly known to the general public for his more family-friendly image he portrayed on Full House and America’s Funniest Home Videos. For many, this vulgar cameo served to show for the first time that there was another side to the comedian.

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Bob Saget’s Half Baked Pals Are Mourning the Loss

Half Baked
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Dave Chappelle, co-writer and star of the film, had stayed friends with Bob Saget for decades. Days ago, Chappelle performed a stand-up show and told those in attendance about Saget’s death. Chappelle was feeling some hurt and regret, as after it happened, he later saw he had a text from Saget that was never responded to. The incident serves as a life lesson for Chappelle, who admits that he “got busy” and now only wishes he was able to speak with Bob again.

“Listen, I’m getting old, so a lot of people I know die,” Chappelle said, per Deadline. “I started doing this comedy young. All of my peers are older than me. These [people] is dying like hotcakes, but I didn’t see [Bob’s death] coming… [Bob] just text me and I saw the text yesterday and never texted him back because I was just busy. Yeah, it happens. I’m just saying this to remind you: these moments are precious. When I come out at night, I’m not just hanging out; I’m making memories. S—, when I go out at night, I’m making history.”

Neal Brennan, who co-wrote the film with Chappelle and was also a friend of Saget’s, added on Twitter: “Until I find out my friend Bob Saget’s cause of death, I’m just gonna assume irritable bowel syndrome. It’s what he would want.” This followed a simpler tweet posted shortly before that read Saget’s name and included a heartbreak emoji.

“So very sad to hear of my friend Bob Saget passing away,” adds Harland Williams, another main star of the comedy who co-starred with Saget in Becoming Dick. “He loved to make people laugh all the time. Bod directed me in one of my movies called Becoming Dick. Bob and I spoke our own hilarious language to each other. So very sad he is gone. Thoughts and prayers to his family. Bob you’ll be missed. Thanks for the laughs buddy. RIP.”

And Tracy Morgan, another veteran comic who also had a cameo in the film, posted an image of himself alongside Saget, Gilbert Gottfried, and Chelsea Handler. All he could say was, “Shout out to my compadre. RIP.”

Bob Saget was a person who meant so much to so many people. We will always have the memories which will continue to provide laughter for some time to come. Rest in peace.

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