Wednesday, September 28, 2022

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Awesome New TikTok Reveals Exactly What Happens To Disney World’s Giant Gingerbread Houses After Holiday Festivities Are Over

Every year at Walt Disney World, incredible life-size gingerbread houses are showcased that are made out of real sweets. They are culinary masterpieces guests marvel at year after year, but a thought that has surely crossed the minds of many over the years is this: who are the lucky people who get to live a Hansel and Gretel fantasy and eat the contents of the houses? We finally have the answer to that question, and it’s sweet as honey. 

The wild truth was shared on Disney Parks official TikTok via a video that spills the unbelievable reality. For the past decade, Disney’s chefs have a detailed process that involves feeding its gingerbread houses to the bees of Florida. Check it out:   

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