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Sakura Becomes a Powerful Samurai Warlord in Epic New Fanart

In Naruto, Sakura is an incredibly powerful fighter who can dominate the battlefield, and a new piece of fanart imagines her as a samurai warlord.

In the world of Naruto, few can match the power, intelligence, and heart of Sakura Haruno. As the only Kunoichi on Team 7, Sakura has no hesitation in displaying her raw strength when it means protecting her friends or loved ones. Despite this though, Sakura has never been more powerful than she is in a new piece of fan art depicting her as a samurai warlord.

Though Sakura doesn’t get the spotlight as often as Naruto or Sasuke, she is still a powerful and important character. Having trained under the fifth Hokage, Tsunade, Sakura has remarkable control over her chakra. This typically manifests either through healing or through enhancing her physical characteristics. There is a reason Naruto himself claims that Sakura’s chakra control can give her, “monstrous strength.” With this monstrous strength, Sakura is capable of remarkable feats such as withstanding powerful attacks and putting a dent in nearly indestructible foes. Few ninja can damage the ninja progenitor, Kaguya Otsutsuki, but Sakura did so with only one mighty punch. It’s these abilities combined with her fierce loyalty and fiery temper that make her such a fan-favorite ninja, and such a popular subject for fanart.


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In a new piece of fanart Twitter user @inubrush, Sakura becomes a powerful samurai warlord. From the cherry blossom-themed Kabuto, to the mini shuriken earrings, to the regal almost untouchable expression, this variant of Sakura is undoubtedly ready to lead troops into battle and leave a trail of defeated enemies behind her. All of it fits Sakura’s character perfectly and is an interesting view into an alternate universe where the warriors of Naruto are samurai instead of ninja. Fans of the series certainly agree too, as the post accumulated more than four-thousand likes and over one-thousand retweets.

Part of the appeal of fanart is the ability to give the spotlight to characters who might not be as prominent in the source material. While Sakura is easily the series’ most important female ninja, many fans felt that more could have been done with her in Naruto and especially in Boruto where she mostly stays away from the action unlike her fellow Team 7 members Naruto and Sasuke. Still, it’s a testament to Sakura’s strong characterization and even stronger abilities that she’s developed such a passionate fanbase.

It takes something truly special to develop fans as Sakura has. The amount of effort and work that goes into crafting impressive fan art like Inubrush’s take on Sakura just goes to prove how much the world and characters of Naruto mean to its fans.

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Source: Inubrush

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